Two individuals arrested for illegal logging in Togo

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Illegal logging is rampant in Togo.

Two illegal loggers were arrested on Monday in Bassar, a city located at 396 km north of Lomé (Togo’s capital), with 115 board feet.

Illegal logging is rampant in Togo. It is still a matter of serious concern. Two persons have been arrested by gendarmes of the territorial brigades of Bassar with more than 115 board feet cut, currently seized.

They pointed out that these traffickers, of Togolese nationality, appeared to have been working for industrial. They operate without certificates and permit licenses. They do not even hold technical documents.

Some have reported that other individuals, with permits and armed with chainsaws, are said to be crisscrossing the country in search of species such as teak tree plantations.

These people would operate in northern Togo, in cities like Bassar, Tchamba, Kamboli, Blitta, Sotouboua, Fazao and even in Kara.

Cars loaded with tree trunks intended for export have been seen in the locality.

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